49ers get stomped by Seahawks last Sunday Night


The San Francisco 49ers were beat up badly last Sunday night in front of the world. With that win, may be a formula to beat them as well. It would not surprise me; however, if the 49ers crafty coach took a fall on purpose to try and not give teams more information on them or to not give Seattle a better feel for them in case they met again in the playoffs. Obviously this is all skeptical, but there was not much on the line for the 49ers to win. I know Seattle is a tough place to play for away teams, but it has never been that tough.

The Seahawks soared out to a huge lead and led 28-6 at halftime. They added another touchdown in the 3rd quarter to lead 35-6 and ultimately won 42-13. Russell Wilson threw 4 touchdowns while Marshawn Lynch rushed for 111 yards and a score. He also caught one of Wilson’s TDs. The team even was able to block an easy 49er field goal that they returned for a touchdown. Even more impressive, may have been the Seahawks giving up just 28 yards on the ground to Frank Gore. Colin Kaepernick actually led the 49ers in rushing with 31 yards.

This all seemed a bit amazing even given the tough venue and terrible weather. Nothing about San Francisco seemed like San Francisco though. They seemed way out of sink and at no time looked productive in the least bit. It certainly is bad timing for fallout and I feel more sinister things are at work.

49ers hope for a win against the Cardinals

The San Francisco 49ers will look to rebound after their embarrassing loss to the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday night on primetime. The 49ers should certainly get the opportunity to avenge that loss as they host the Arizona Cardinals at Candlestick Park. The 49ers are 10-4-1 to this point this year, but seem to have perhaps lost a step since Colin Kaepernick has been named the starter. He still seems to be the answer, but last week they had no answers for a surging Seahawks team. 

The 49ers were dominated in every aspect last Sunday Night in Seattle. The Seahawks are known to be a tough team at home, but the 42-13 shellacking was more then anyone could have expected. The Seahawks started early and did not let up. They got an early TD on their first drive and drove down for a field goal to get an early 10-0 lead. After that, they blocked an easy field goal by the 49ers and took it all the way back for a score. They then never looked back as they dominated every aspect of the game.


This week’s opponent for the 49ers should not pose such a threat. The Arizona Cardinals have lost 10 of their last 11 games after a 4 game win streak to begin the season. They have since had a quarterback carousel while their line has been less-than effective blocking any defenders. A win would be a miracle while sending ripples through the 49ers team, which could possibly be irreversible.

Will the 49ers see another tie this week?


The 8-2-1 San Francisco 49ers will travel to Edward Jones Dome in Missouri to take on the Rams this week. The last time these two teams met, they ended in a tie contest. That happened in week ten in San Francisco. In that game, 49er quarterback Alex Smith got knocked out with a concussion. He has yet to see the field after that hit and will not see it again this week. This is not due to lingering concussion symptoms, but rather a lingering backup quarterback who has outplayed Smith in just 2 games.

The 49ers Colin Kaepernick replaced Smith in the Rams game, but was unable to get a victory. The week after he was on fire and made every throw while also using his legs when needed. The outing caused an immediate quarterback controversy, and Coach Jim Harbaugh was quick to let the media know he was unsure of who he would be playing. The following week Smith was cleared to play, but on the Saturday night before the 49ers contest, Harbaugh announced to the team that Kaepernick would start. Kaepernick once again looked great and this past Wednesday he was announced starter for this week’s game against the Rams.

The Rams will look to give the 49ers another hard time Sunday, and will be at home which could help. The team is 4-6-1 so far this year, but has been in many names. Under new coach Jeff Fisher, the team has had a strong defense that has kept them in many a game. This week you can expect they may give Kaepernick some trouble, which is the last the 49ers would want to see as the quarterback drama would grow out of control. We shall all see this Sunday.

Kaepernick will remain starting QB


The San Francisco 49ers have made their decision to go with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback, rather than Alex Smith. Coach Harbaugh announced Wednesday that Kaepernick will suit up this upcoming Sunday when the 49ers take on the St. Louis Rams in Missouri. Alex Smith was knocked out of action with a concussion nearly three weeks ago against the Rams when they played in San Francisco. The teams went on to tie that game.

Smith is surely over his concussion, and the decision was purely based on play. Smith has not struggled by any means this season, and has managed games extremely well. The changing of the guard simply seems to be because Kaepernick can do more then manage the games. Kaepernick have made all the throws from short touch passes to long darts. At the same time, he has shown the ability to not turn the ball over as well.

In comparison, the following is what the two quarterbacks have done up to this point. Smith has passed for 1731 yards and 13 touchdowns this season while throwing 5 interceptions. Kaepernick has already thrown for 680 yards and 3 touchdowns to this point with just 1 interception. Kaepernick has also rushed for over 200 yards and 4 scores. It is simple to see that Colin is a much better threat and can pose way more problems for opposing teams. Kaepernick surely make the team less one-dimensional then they have been in the past and could be many people’s clear favorite to make the Super Bowl. This is certainly a story to continue to monitor, as things could get dicey if Kaepernick struggles.

49ers travel to New Orleans for a good battle


The 7-2-1 San Francisco 49ers will take on the New Orleans Saints this week in New Orleans. The game will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome against a Saints team that seems to be unstoppable as of late. The Saints have been riding a huge winning streak, but the 49ers have looked good regardless of who has taken the snaps. They have gotten victories despite a possible controversy brewing at quarterback. Recently, Coach Harbaugh stated that he had two hot-handed quarterbacks right now and did not specify a starter for this upcoming game.

The 49ers won big last week against the Bears at home. Kaepernick started for the 49ers and was making every throw. He was able to have success without using his legs and was not missing any throws, regardless of their difficulty. The 49ers strong running game certainly helped as play-action passing was used often. The team was able to shred a usually dominant Bears defense and will be playing a Saints defense this week that has been shredded by most teams.

The Saints have improved defensively and have been streaking lately. The team is now 5-5 on the season and is looking to make a playoff run. They have been sharpening up offensively and will be home this week in front of a hungry home crowd. The only thing that may slow them down is the fact that the 49ers did make them work harder by not naming a starter. They will now have to prepare for both Alex and Kaepernick. My money is on Smith starting and Coach Harbaugh using Kaepernick as leverage.


49ers during first half of NFL season

Niners need to keep the momentum going after the bye week.

The San Francisco 49ers start of 6-2 has stopped short of being the amazing Super Bowl run that we in the Bay Area expect, but they have definitely got the job done. Speaking to the great defense that the fans have witnessed, the Niners have defended so brilliantly that four of their last five opponents (including Arizona) have been unable to score a touchdown.

On the offensive side, their next opponent - the St. Louis Rams - pose a threat to the Alex Smith scoring machine with their tough secondary. Talk about QB Alex Smith, he had a great game last Monday night with three TDs and 18 of 19 passing attempts. Jim Harbaugh's offensive scheme and the confidence he has instilled in Smith have paid off and made the QB a stellar performer despite the odds that were stacked against him.

However, it is really the running game led by Frank Gore and the top ranked defense that have been responsible for the resurgence in Bay Area football. I see the Niners representing the NFC in Super Bowl XLVII.

The wide outs are playing really great: Moss and Crabtree have got their act together this season. Although, praised by Coach Harbaugh for his work ethic in the offseason and his teamwork during the season so far, Moss had yet to really make his mark in a Niners game. What better way than a 47-yard touchdown in Monday Night Football game against the Arizona Cardinals to seal victory for the 49ers.

San Francisco battles Arizona on Monday night

This Monday, the San Francisco 49ers will meet the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona. The two teams are fighting for the division, but are headed in two totally different directions. The 49ers are 5-2 and have been winning with great defense, but a sketchy offense. Arizona has done much of the same, but has had key losses on offense that will make things tough for their continued success. Injuries at quarterback and running back have nearly crippled the team and a loss this week would all but seal their fate.

The 49ers come into the game after a 13-6 victory over the Seahawks last Thursday. They should be a little healthier after the long break and will look to extend their lead in the division by putting more space between them and the 4-3 Cardinals. A loss, however, would tie the two team’s records at 4-3. This would be especially disheartening for the 49ers that just got some space between them and the Seahawks with last weeks win. More confusing would be if both the Seahawks and Cardinals win this week. That would put the division in a 3-way tie.


The Cardinals certainly have an uphill battle to get a win away from home this week though. They will be missing Kevin Kolb again this week and have been rattled with injuries in the backfield as well. Larod Stevens-Howling did fill in well last week, however, gaining more than 100 yards on the ground while finding the end zone. Either way, Monday Night Football will teach us a lot about the NFC West this week.

49ers will take on the Seahawks tonight at 8:20pm


The 49ers will face the Seattle Seahawks at home this week Thursday night. The game will be played in San Francisco at Candlestick Park at 8:20 PM ET. San Fran will look to bounce back after a very disappointing loss to the New York Giants last week. They had hoped to get some sort of revenge on the Giants who knocked them out of the playoffs last season. Seattle comes into the game after a huge win at home against the Patriots last week. The two teams are now tied atop their division, meaning the game is for the lead in the division.

Last week the 49ers were handled by the Giants in San Francisco by the final of 26-3. The two weeks previous, it was the 9ers who were blowing out teams as they combined to defeat their two previous opponents 79-3. This past week, however, they found themselves on the other side of things. They were unable to do anything on either side of the ball and were disappointed again by the Giants for the second straight year.

The Seahawks fought extremely hard at home to beat the Patriots thanks, in large part, to the 12th man in Seattle. The Seahawks provide a still difficult stadium for away teams to win in and simply can not be beat at home. Seattle was able to get a touchdown in the final minute of the game and their defense stiffened to hold on to the win. The whole time the crowd provided the energy Seattle needed while frustrating a good Patriot team.

49ers to face Bills Sunday


The San Francisco 49ers will face the Buffalo Bills this Sunday at 4:25PM at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The 49ers come into the game with a 3-1 record and have only lost to the Minnesota Vikings on the road this year. The Bills bring a 2-2 record to San Fran and have been very up and down throughout the year thus far. The Bills have beaten the Jets week one and the Browns in week 3, as they are on a win then lose week-to-week basis.

The 49ers latest win came against the New York Jets last week in New York. There, the 49ers embarrassed the Jets in a 34-0 victory. The team used offense, defense, and even special teams to get the win and made quick work of the Jets despite being on the road. The 49ers have shown that they are easily one of the best 5, if not 3, teams in the NFL and can beat you a number of different ways.

The Bills latest game was a loss to the Patriots that saw New England score 52 total points. At one point in the game Buffalo had a 21-7 lead, but quickly saw that lead erase as the Pats started to pile on points. More importantly, or devastating, to the Bills was the fact that they were the home team that Sunday. Given this all, the 49ers could be on their way to embarrassing another NFL team this week at home.


49ers head to NY to take on Jets

The San Francisco 49ers will travel to New York to square off against the Jets Sunday at 1PM on FOX. The 2-1 Jets will host the 2-1 49ers at NY’s Metlife Stadium for what should be a very competitive game. Both teams are very similar in style with average QB’s, big running backs, and strong defenses. The 9ers come into the game after a tough loss on the road in Minnesota last week. New York was able to squeak out a win in overtime against the Dolphins.


The similarities in these two teams are certainly found in the offensive numbers so far this season, as only 5 yards separate the two in total yards per game (49ers 335, Jets 300). The Jets have been able to get nearly 40 yards more through the air than San Francisco while the 49ers have averaged more than 40 yards on the ground in comparison to the Jets. The Jets have produced more points this year and have scored an average of 27 points a game compared to the 9ers 23.3.

Defensively the teams are only within yards of one another as well and both give up less than 25 points a game. The Jets, however, can bet on seeing their numbers rise as they will be without Darrell Revis for the remainder of the year after a knee injury last Sunday. This will certainly make life harder on the Jets who have relied on Revis to shut down half of the field while using his skill to send a multitude of blitzes. Sunday may highlight just how valuable Revis is to this team.