49ers during first half of NFL season

49ers during first half of NFL season

Niners need to keep the momentum going after the bye week.

The San Francisco 49ers start of 6-2 has stopped short of being the amazing Super Bowl run that we in the Bay Area expect, but they have definitely got the job done. Speaking to the great defense that the fans have witnessed, the Niners have defended so brilliantly that four of their last five opponents (including Arizona) have been unable to score a touchdown.

On the offensive side, their next opponent - the St. Louis Rams - pose a threat to the Alex Smith scoring machine with their tough secondary. Talk about QB Alex Smith, he had a great game last Monday night with three TDs and 18 of 19 passing attempts. Jim Harbaugh's offensive scheme and the confidence he has instilled in Smith have paid off and made the QB a stellar performer despite the odds that were stacked against him.

However, it is really the running game led by Frank Gore and the top ranked defense that have been responsible for the resurgence in Bay Area football. I see the Niners representing the NFC in Super Bowl XLVII.

The wide outs are playing really great: Moss and Crabtree have got their act together this season. Although, praised by Coach Harbaugh for his work ethic in the offseason and his teamwork during the season so far, Moss had yet to really make his mark in a Niners game. What better way than a 47-yard touchdown in Monday Night Football game against the Arizona Cardinals to seal victory for the 49ers.