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Bonds Makes Classy Gesture

In what has to be one of the classiest moves by any athlete in recent memory, maligned former San Francisco Giants slugger and steroid-era poster-boy Barry Bonds has reached out to help a fan.  That’s right, Bonds has offered to pay the college tuition of the sons of Giants’ fan Bryan Stow.

Stow, you may remember, was attacked and put into a coma by two Dodgers’ fans in the Dodger Stadium parking lot on Opening Day.  Stow’s attorney, Thomas Girardi, announced Bonds’ generous offer last Tuesday, along with a lawsuit against the

Dodgers for lack of security. Never mind the lawsuit for now, because what happened to Stow was reprehensible, and no fan, even an opposing team’s fan, should have to worry about getting assaulted in a parking lot of a stadium.  The lawsuit is Stow’s own business, and he can certainly do as he feels necessary regarding what happened to him.

What I want to focus on is Bonds.  According to the linked article from Yahoo! Sports, Bonds made his offer to help Stow’s sons back on April 22nd, which means it had been kept quiet until last week, and likely would have remained quiet had the attorney not mentioned it.  Keeping such a wonderful gesture quiet for as long as they did is a remarkable achievement in today’s super-fast, social society.  It also means that Bonds, often criticized for being arrogant and rude, made his offer personally and privately, adding to the impressive nature of his donation.

This is not to say that Bonds’ offer relieves him from any of the criticism that he rightly deserves.  But what it does do is show the good side of Bonds, showing that he can be incredibly generous.  And so for what it’s worth, I would like to offer a hearty “well done” to Barry Bonds.  The gesture is selfless, thoughtful, and pure class.  Hopefully this is just the beginning of positive developments coming out of this very sad case.  Kudos, Mr. Bonds, kudos.