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No Time like the Present

San Francisco will host the New Orleans Saints this upcoming weekend to attempt and advance in the NFC playoffs. The Saints are certainly more experienced and are explosive on offense, but the Niners have shown that experience is not everything. In coach Jim Harbaugh's first season he has led them to a 13-3 record and secured a first round bye in the playoffs. New Orleans had to get by Detroit in the Wild Card round to get to San Francisco. Now both teams will play to answer a few questions. One being the question of experience while the other will be a question of what type of league the NFL now is. Defense driven or Offense.

Recent history and trends have shown that offense is exploding in the NFL and the most recent Champs, the Green Bay Packers, won the Super Bowl last year behind an explosive offense. The same could be said of New Orleans when they made their run and their explosive offense still remains and is stronger. Drew Brees threw for a record amount of yardage passing, which broke a record held for 25 plus years. Darren Sproles also got a record for the most all purpose yards in a season, which easily made him the best off-season free agent signing of the 2011-2012 season. 

The older held mantra, defense wins championships, would apply more to the Niners squad who gives up little in the running game and has a huge number of takeaways. They have stars at every position and can frustrate even the best of offenses. The front line will get to Brees and make him uncomfortable. The fans in San Francisco will certainly be louder then ever as they are hosting their first playoff game in many many years. In the end, Jim Harbaugh may prove that experience means nothing and defense still wins championships.