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Kyle Williams Light at the end of the Tunnel

part 1 of 2

Kyle Williams should not be subject to any criticism for the team’s loss. In fact, he should actually be thanked for keeping the team in the game as long as he did. He should not be hated, and certainly not threatened, for his mistakes in the NFC Championship game. Hate is something that is actually usually absent from sports, and for good reason. There should be no hate in something so pure. As sad as some moments can be during sporting events, times of greatness can make a grown man cry. the sad Story of Kyle Williams has taken a turn for the better showing why sports are, in the end, just games and everybody makes mistakes.


Kyle Williams did fumble a punt deep in his team’s own territory that, MAY HAVE, ultimately cost his team the game. May have I say because football, nor any sport, is a game that is determined by one play. Like poker, often times a lot comes down to just plain luck. What should really be noted is the fact that Kyle Williams actually kept the team in the game. Late in the 4th quarter, Williams took a kickoff return down the field and into New York Giant territory. At the time, San Francisco was making zero progress offensively and without the long kick return they may have never been able to get in position to hit a game-tying field goal.


This is one reason to thank Kyle Williams and not crucify him. He got death threats and terrible tweets from degenerates and misfits who obviously were too dumb to see the good things Kyle Williams did that day. What makes it even sadder is the fact that a 7-year-old with more smarts and common sense then these Neanderthals did. Owen Shure, age seven, wanted to write the player after he was able to empathize with him for his mistake who after crying himself because of the fumble was asked by his father how he though KYle Williams must have felt. The boy realized that Williams must have been just as sad and boy wrote the player something that I could only wish grown adults could of done...see Kyle Williams Light at the end of the Tunnel part 2 of 2.


A. Rekitt